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If you’re looking for a small hot tub, then look no further than combined shipping. We have a huge range of hot tubs including a choice selection of small hot tubs, perfect for home use. Whether you’re looking for a small hot tub that’s perfect for two, or something a little bit bigger to comfortably sit a family of four, we have a hot tub for you.

Small hot tubs for two


If you and your partner are looking for a small, inexpensive hot tub then the ‘tiny’ hot tub may be the one for you.

Save Space

The only thing this small hot tub doesn’t do is take up valuable garden or home space. This cleverly designed hot tub will comfortably sit both you and your partner at the same time.
Small hot tub
Small hot tub
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The tiny hot tub incorporates a range of features to help create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. You and your partner will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your own music through the high quality sound system, the benefits of hydrotherapy jets and the soothing ambiance created by the underwater colour change light system.


The tiny includes a Bluetooth controlled sound system, allowing you to stream your own choice of music via your apple or android device.
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small hot tub white
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The tiny may be small in size but its 18 air and massage jets can provide some fantastic therapeutic properties including relieving muscle tension, reducing blood pressure, alleviating symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism and even combating insomnia. The massage jets are arranged in different pressure points on each seat, so you can benefit from more than one style of massage.


The Tiny tub includes stainless steel jets, against a glossy acrylic finish, to create a contemporary style hot tub that will look great both indoors and outdoors. The tiny tub also includes extra insulation to keep in heat and keep your bill costs down, as well as a pvc skirting to help prevent corrosion and decay from water damage, however wood is an option if you prefer.


Included with your spa you will find a hot tub cover to provide insulation and protect your hot tub when it’s not in use. We will also include a convenient and stylish step ladder to make getting in and out of the tub easy.


This plug and play hot tub is a luxurious hot tub for two at a fraction of the standard luxury hot tub price.


The Moonlight hot tub may not be as small as the tiny, but it will allow you and your partner to both fully recline, without compromising on garden space. The Moonlight tub also features a third seat, if you or your partner would prefer to sit upright, or invite a third person to join.


The features of the moonlight tub can create the perfect romantic or relaxing atmosphere thanks to its range of customisable features including colour changing underwater lighting, 60 hydrotherapy jets, Bluetooth sound system and waterfall.
moonlight small hot tub in blue
moonlight small hot tub in white
moonlight hot tub in blue birds eye view


The Moonlight hot tub will allow you to wirelessly stream your own music via any apple device or android phone using Bluetooth.


The moonlight hot tub includes a total of 60 air and massage jets to provide an amazing massage experience and a broad range of possible health and well being benefits with everything from stress relief to the combat of insomnia.


The Moonlight hot tub has a modern design, available in a choice of colours each with a sleek acrylic finish, encased in an fbr finished base.

The Extras

The moonlight hot tub includes a cover to keep your hot tub hot, and keep dirt and debris out when not in use, as well as a pair of stylish steps to make it easy for you to get in and out.
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