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2 Seater Hot Tubs

Our two seater hot tubs are designed to save on space without compromising on comfort. We currently have two, two seater models, the tiny and the twin spa. Our tiny model is our smallest hot tub at just 2 metres long whilst our twin spa model is slightly bigger. The twin spa bigger frame is a result of its seats, which are set in a reclining position. Both models are perfect if you are limited on space but still wish to enjoy a hot tub in the comfort of your own home. Each model is designed with seats facing one another, providing the perfect set up for conversation with your hot tub partner.
tiny two person hot tub above and side view

The only thing this small hot tub doesn’t do is take up valuable garden or home space. This cleverly designed hot tub will comfortably sit both you and your partner at the same time.


The tiny hot tub incorporates a range of features to help create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. You and your partner will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your own music through the high quality sound system, the benefits of hydrotherapy jets and the soothing ambiance created by the underwater colour change light system.


The tiny includes a Bluetooth controlled sound system, allowing you to stream your own choice of music via your apple or android device.


The tiny may be small in size but its 18 air and massage jets can provide some fantastic therapeutic properties including relieving muscle tension, reducing blood pressure, alleviating symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism and even combating insomnia. The massage jets are arranged in different pressure points on each seat, so you can benefit from more than one style of massage.


The Tiny tub includes stainless steel jets, against a glossy acrylic finish, to create a contemporary style hot tub that will look great both indoors and outdoors. The tiny tub also includes extra insulation to keep in heat and keep your bill costs down, as well as a pvc skirting to help prevent corrosion and decay from water damage, however wood is an option if you prefer.


Included with your spa you will find a hot tub cover to provide insulation and protect your hot tub when it’s not in use. We will also include a convenient and stylish step ladder to make getting in and out of the tub easy.
twin spa 2 person hot tub above and side view

Despite its small size, the cleverly designed twin spa has a spacious interior where you and your hot tub partner can fully lay back and relax at the same time. The two recliners in the twin spa face one another, so you can enjoy conversation as you soak. Each chair is designed to cradle the body for a super comfortable experience. You’ll also find two comfortable headrests to take the pressure off your neck and shoulders.


The twin spa is an oasis of relaxation. The spa’s underwater and headrest lights create a soothing atmosphere and look particularly impressive at night. The spa also includes a water fountain which produces the most tranquil sound and sight. Altogether the twin spa has a notably romantic ambience making it an ideal choice for couples.

Plug and Play

The twin spa is one of our plug and play hot tubs. As the name suggests, plug and play hot tubs are particularly easy to install. No plumbing or wiring is required to set up a plug and play hot tub. The spa simply plugs into a standard outdoor socket. Not only is this feature convenient, but economical too.


41 stainless steel massage and air jets are positioned across both recliner chairs, to provide an exceptional massage experience, especially for a hot tub of this size. The jets are designed to relive stress and muscle tension across major muscle groups including the shoulders, back and legs.


All of our spas include anti slip steps in your chosen skirting colour and an insulated steel-spine cover to keep your tub clean and hot.
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