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3 Seater Hot Tubs

Our three seater hot tub range is ideal for small households. Each model is crafted with comfort in mind whilst still remaining compact enough to fit inside smaller gardens. All our three seater hot tubs feature state of the art control systems which allow you to customise each session to meet your needs. Adjust the jet pressure and output to target specific muscles for a truly invigorating massage where you need it most.
moonlight 3 person hot tub
This plug and play hot tub is a luxurious hot tub for two at a fraction of the standard luxury hot tub price.


The Moonlight hot tub may not be as small as the tiny, but it will allow you and your partner to both fully recline, without compromising on garden space. The Moonlight tub also features a third seat, if you or your partner would prefer to sit upright, or invite a third person to join.


The features of the moonlight tub can create the perfect romantic or relaxing atmosphere thanks to its range of customisable features including colour changing underwater lighting, 60 hydrotherapy jets, Bluetooth sound system and waterfall.


The Moonlight hot tub will allow you to wirelessly stream your own music via any apple device or android phone using Bluetooth.


The moonlight hot tub includes a total of 60 air and massage jets to provide an amazing massage experience and a broad range of possible health and well being benefits with everything from stress relief to the combat of insomnia.


The Moonlight hot tub has a modern design, available in a choice of colours each with a sleek acrylic finish, encased in an fbr finished base.

The Extras

The moonlight hot tub includes a cover to keep your hot tub hot, and keep dirt and debris out when not in use, as well as a pair of stylish steps to make it easy for you to get in and out.
san marino hot tub

Compact yet Comfortable Our San Marino Spa features one recliner and two upright chairs. This model is ideal for small families or those with limited garden space that still love to entertain.


The San Marino has five underwater LED lights which phase through seven serene colours continuously. The lights change the colour of the water, creating a stunning backdrop for a romantic evening.

Plug and Play

Our San Marino tub is a plug and play model. Plug and Play hot tubs are a great choice for those who don’t want to have any electrics modified on their property.


33 stainless steel jets have been carefully positioned across the hot tubs three seats. These water and air jets work harmoniously to administer effective massage on the back, shoulders, legs and feet.


This model can be fitted with an LED lit fountain if desired. The tranquil sound of running water and pleasing visual effect of this feature will make your hot tub experience even more special.
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